Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mental mental chicken oriental

I know i'm 100% pure british beef, but with the amount of food my mum feeds me, I feel like a battery farmed chicken.

I don't really have a topic to talk about, i'm just filled to the brim with food and boredom with a lack of need to work or do something with my life. It's been a tiring day, and we're only two days into the new school term - time to turn this into a productive night; time to consilidate all my Civil Rights (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVdRjenmpFI - fantastic song by Neil Young about Southern states of North America, very touching) notes into a word document and learn it all. More history revision this friday afterschool for a Vietnam resit. Plenty of background reading through my free periods i've got this week in school (9 hours in the next 3 days, let's put them to good use?).

That's the plan, I really hope it doesn't fall through.

Also, in news which people may actually be interested in, the French can now send direct orders to the SAS with the new agreement between Cameron and Sarkozy (his wife is quite a good looker).

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