Thursday, 25 November 2010


Snow is coming to Britain, and for some parts, it's already arrived!

I thought this would be a suitable update as everyone with an inner child just loves to play in snow (even though the hassle it causes outweighs the benefits for the most part).

While the Northern parts of the UK have already experienced snowfall (up to 15cm in some parts), fear not, the snow will reach the Southern areas within the next week!

Temperatures will drop to around -5C during the night, it's not expected to rise above +5C during the day - doesn't really matter though, as we'll still classify it as "bloody nippy"... On another negative note, there will be black ice so good luck navigating around slowly and carefully, avoiding SatNav routes and taking main roads - it could literally be the difference between life and death (or a huge insurance bill - after all, 1,000 people an hour are calling in to be rescued due to the conditions).

Pretty excited for the snow (as long as my horrific cold has gone by the time it arrives). Even though I know my coat can't handle the cold, I've got no gloves or hat, and my shoes will retain the coldness and wetness all day, it's still the best thing to come to England (excluding obvious things we love, like Coca Cola and Immigrants) - it makes everything beautiful.

I'm sure salt gritting companies are equally as excited - last year companies were criticised for the lack of grit that was available to salt roads. This years stocks have surpassed any previous year, so England is set for a "The Day after Tomorrow" cataclysmic event.

Just waiting for the snow to hit London...


Mikas said...

What a nice picture :)

Anonymous said...

You like snow eh?
What the thing is , what do you when the whole country shuts down because of it?