Thursday, 28 October 2010

Leaflet dropping - hardest way to earn a living

I can now fully sympathise with all postmen, leaflet posters, newpaper deliverers - postboxes are my new nemisis. After delivery 4,000 leaflets (well, 2,000 personally, another 2,000 by Karl), I can easily say it's fricking hard work.

Being paid £35 to deliver 1,000 leaflets seems like a good job right? Fresh air, good exercise..
Let's do a breakdown..

Fast paced, jumping over walls, good weather = perfect conditions = ~4 leaflets delivered a minute
1000/4 = 250 minutes
250 minutes = 4.1 hours = £8.50 an hour

Phwaor, £8.50 an hour you say? Seems like bloody good pay for someone who is 17.

Except, it never works out like that. Postboxes bloody nip your fingers off, as well as some are hard contraptions to open and take time... The countless time you waste with houses that you walk to only to find out they don't want the flyer.. So, so, so many walls similar to the collossal walls of Troy you have to walk around rather than hop over...  4.1 hours easily becomes a good 6-8 hours, and that's excluding travelling time and costs.
Still, on the plus side, like I said you get good air and exercise - each time I go drop off a thousand leaflets i'm improving people skills by talking to strangers and burning between 700-900 calories (like a boss - big shout out to Endomondo which tracks my routes using GPS on my phone); but easily replacing them with the insane lunches I spent my money on (7" peperoni pizza from Dominoes for a £1 - who could resist?).

I guess this employment will be good until I get a "real" job - like a dish porter (hello, anyone hiring?)

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Nicola said...

Loved this haha :)

It's true, we both need decent jobs. Well, in my case A job ha xx