Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tsunamis, swine flu and volcanos - yay

So the Indonesian Islands have once again been hit by a Tsunami, this time killing 284 - nothing compared to the several hundred of thousand who died due to the one that hit on boxing day, 2004; but still, you've got nothing but sympathy for these poor folk that keep getting socked by mother nature. If it wasn't bad enough, Mount Merapi has still got parts of Indonesia in an exclusion zone from the ashes it blew out into the atmosphere - living on a destructive plate boundary (Australian and Asian) can be a tough life.

Swine flu is back too, always nice to know there's going to be some more fear mongering by the media about how 2 confirmed cases in Northern Island will signal the apocolypse, ey?

Nothing in the press seems to be good news, except the new virgin 100meg internet - shame I live in the countryside and recieve between 0.5-6megs in total... Government doesn't seem to concerned either with these low speeds, implementing a scheme to provide all homes in the UK with a guaranteed 2meg broadband connection by 2012. To think, we pay £20 for a 8meg connection which delivers 0.5megs, and Sweden pays £10 for a 100meg connection which usually provides between 60-100meg speeds consistently.. It's true, England is getting forever worse.In the grand scheme of things, we're dropping down the power table wordwide - soon English will stop being taught in schools, and rather be replaced by Chinese or Indian as they're starting to hold far greater economic, industrial, military and political strength.

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