Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Learning to cook

How hard can it be? Making a checklist of things isn't hard...

A range of nutritious, tastey food: Check.
An oven with a vague idea of how to use it: Check.
Common sense: Open to debate, but check.

There we go, all the knowledge and components you'll ever need to prepare a meal, or so I would have thought...
The last two meals i've made have been beyond disasterous..
Meal one consisted of a curry - 25minutes in the oven - cold, then 5 minutes in the microwave - exploded (joys for the cleanup) and still cold.. Few more minutes in the microwave then about 10 more in the oven - ate it with minimal pleasure as the frozen chunks of chicken in a scolding curry sauce crunched between my chompers...
Meal two basically followed the same pattern - microwave and oven giving it all they've got to cook this piece of fish; eventually sucumbed to hunger and ate it while the centre was still partly frozen, with the outer part of the fish scolding hot.
Food technology for 3 years at school has taught me what?
Guess i'll appreciate my parents cooking more from now on?

The latest meal was a great success, in the words of the wise one Borat.

If you ever needed to see a meal fit for the kings, then look no further...

Yep, you can expect a vast chain of restuarants opening up soon near you under my brand name - look out Gordon. Hopefully, it wont be the food that'll kill me when I go to university anymore.


Jade said...

when I got back form yours I told my mum about the lack of veg in your fridge and she went on about how she wants to cook you a range of vegetable meals :/ watch out aha
but yeah at least you're not living off biscuits :)

Nicola said...

Oh Jon.
You're going to get ill.
Not that I can talk - I had a pot noodle for lunch today.

University is going to be fun! x

Jonathan said...

Well good luck to your mum if she tries to rustle up a veg meal that i'll actually eat :) Would be nice..
Trust me, I basically live off biscuits - about 1000 calories a day comes from biscuits for me :S
Well I haven't got ill yet, but i'm worried I may get salmonela or something - pot noodles are nice, so are super noodles (which are far far cheaper) x