Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Student protest and nuclear protests

I wish I could have attended the student protest which occurred in London today, challenging the government about its plans to treble tuition fees up to £9,000 a year.
50,000 students from all over the England and Wales attended the demonstrations to sock it to the government, guaranteed to be front page news tomorrow due to the parliamentary bashing.
If you're interested in the full article and information about the protests, then click here

Currently learning about Energy Security in geography and vaguely covered nuclear power in today's lesson (although I've covered it in the past).
If you didn't know, Nuclear Power stations produce nuclear waste - not the sort which will give you superpowers, but rather waste which will give you super cancer and degenerative illnesses.
14 wagons containing 123 tonnes of reprocessed nuclear waste in glass and steel containers is being sent from France (which relies heavily on nuclear power; ~79% of it's energy is derived from Nuclear power), into Dannenburg, Germany, then transported to a salt mine in Gorleben. The plan is to store the waste in a empty salt mine for the next several thousand years til it becomes less radioactive.
Protesters tried to sabotage train tracks, halt the trains progress, as well as several protesters rappelled down from a bridge onto the train in a true military style.
This highlights the issue between social security and waste management of nuclear power stations - although Nuclear energy is almost unlimited due to the relatively small amounts of uranium needed to produce energy and its massive quantities, the waste produced does have a devastating effect on the health of organisms which come into contact with it, which will inevitably cause conflict...

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