Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Thinking of traveling this year?

How about a trip to The Aokigahara Forest in Japan?

It's a beautiful forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji, which has been nicknamed "The Sea of Trees", due to it being green all year round when viewing from the mountain.

The forest was the product of the eruption which happened in 864 - the nutrient rich volcanic ash provided the perfect foundation for excessive organic growth.

Take a peek at the pictures below:

Beautiful, right?

I wouldn't mind visiting this place...

Characterised by rocky, icy caverns, the Aokigahara Forest sounds like an idealic retreat for a hike; however it has become part of a modern phenomenon...

It became the centre of attention for suicides when Kuroi Jukai was published in 1960 - a tale which eventually leads to a lovers suicide in the forest (the forest has since been dubbed Jukai).

Pretty grim, ey..?

50-100 people commit suicide annually each year, quite a depressing figure; however statistically the Golden Gate Bridge is still the most popular place for suicides; nice to know.

I've read about this forest before, but I found a documentary about it which was extremely intriguing and worth watching, which can be found here.
The documentary puts into perspective the growing demands of today on social status - how people are beginning to become autonomous and isolated through communication - despite being connected to everyone today in the virtual world, we're becoming disconnected in the physical world.... And it's taking it's toll..

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